Live Imaging

Live Cell/Animal Imaging of Infection, Host Responses and Pathogenesis

Essential to the success of every drug or vaccine for most pathogens is precise, site-specific delivery to gain rapid containment of the infection and accelerate the path for host-recovery of damaged tissues. Thus, discovery of the immune responses and progression of pathogenesis, as well as eventual countermeasure impact by the delivered drug/vaccine, can be greatly aided by live cellular and animal imaging. learn more about molecular imaging.


Pathogen and Host-Based Novel Drug/Vaccine Discovery by Comprehensive Enabling Technology

Enabling technology platforms can accelerate target discovery for broad-spectrum, pathogen or host-oriented therapy and diagnostics. Research within the Center levarages cross-translational studies that seek to integrate and mine information generated by systems biology platforms such as transcriptome analysis by microarray technology, microRNA profiling, siRNA screens and global proteomic and metabolomic profiling. learn more about our research here in faculty publications.

Emerging Pathogens and Select Agents

About 1 billion people—or one-sixth of the world’s population—are affected by one or more neglected infectious diseases. Additionally, rare (Burkholderia pseudomallei and Yersinia pestis) and emerging pathogens (avian influenza A H5N1) are on the rise and constitute additional health burdens that also have serious economic impact. Because many of these illnesses initially manifest as nonspecific symptoms, effective medical intervention requires rapid diagnosis and treatment during the earliest stages of infection. learn more about these serious pathogens.

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