BIO-Imaging Core Facilities

Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging methods that visualize the structure and function of the living body are widely used in clinical and biomedical research settings. The full potential of these methods has not been fully realized in regards to the study and treatment of the diseases caused by infectious agents.

PET/SPECT imaging modalities provide a new opportunity to study in real-time the pathophysiology of pathogen infection, resulting from pathogen replication, dissemination, and the host response to infection. The BIO-Imaging Core houses a Siemens Tri-modality scanner  enables microPET, microSPECT, and microCT within our ABSL-3 facility for conduct of research at BSL-2 and BSL-3.

Optical imaging provides another poweful approach for detection of pathogen and host cellular responses in real-time. The BIO-Imaging Core houses the Caliper Life IVIS Spectrum capable of fluoresence and bioluminescent detection.


Zeiss epifluorescence and confocal microscopes are available for cellular imaging within BSL-3 containment. Each of the instruments are configured for live imaging in several plate formats.

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